About us

Long story short, our organization allows you to shop around the USA from any part of the world without red tape and almost no expenses.

The service we provide is designed to deliver genuine US market products to your home, wherever it's located, at the lowest shipping quotes possible. Hundreds of clients receive their merchandize daily, however every interaction is unique. Keep reading to learn our secret ingredient.

We believe that clarity is a vital part of interaction with a customer, thus we make every effort to present complex logistic issues in the most coherent fashion.

Processing System

Our service is available in a list of 112 countries. We offer a variety of unique shipping locations all over the USA with a range of US debit cards for your shopping needs.
Unique logistics system will allow you to locate your shipment from the store it's been ordered at throughout a travel line to you. Every shipment has a unique internal tracking number, given to you once the order is completed. Long history of partnership with all major carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS makes it possible to offer the lowest rates possible for ground, sea or air delivery.
What makes our service superior to other shipping companies is the ability to gather various goods from various stores into one package, reducing the shipping costs. All your pieces of merchandize will be carefully wrapped up and boxed. Need an advice while shopping? Our managers are glad to provide that too. We work with all major online retailers and are able to offer our clients a great amount of special deals on popular products. All you need is to pick up a product you like, bringing it to you is our job.